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Current Auto Insurance Liability Bodily Injury Limit

Umbrella Liability Requested Limit

Current Homeowner Liability Limit

What type of property do you own? (Residence, Farm/Ranch, Vacant Land, Other)

Use of your property

Title of property


Number of families

Current Home Owner Insurer

Effective Date of Policy

The following underwriting questions are the predominant questions asked when applying for an Excess Limits Of Liability Policy. Some carriers offer this protection as a "stand alone" insurance policy, some will endorse the Umbrella protection as an endorsement to the Home insurance policy, others endorse it to the Auto Insurance Policy. Please note that Travelers, Hartford and PEMCO require that they maintain the auto and home insurance policy to offer an Umbrella Policy. It is not unusual for "Preferred Risk Insurance Carriers" to require this as part of their main underwriting criteria for approval.

Please answer the following questions to obtain an accurate quote.

Is there a swimming pool at any premises? If Yes, go to Next
Yes No 

Is the pool secured or fenced?
Yes No 

Is the pool part of an Apartment or Condo?
Yes No 

Does the applicant engage in any farming operations?
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Does the applicant own a trampoline?
Yes No 

Do you personally employee any full-time employees? (gardeners, nanny, housekeeper)
Yes No 

If Yes, Indicate the number of employees

Are there any vehicles, including recreational vehicles; watercraft or aircraft (owned, hired, leased or regularly used) that are not covered by primary policies?
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Does he applicant hold any positions "not for compensation"? (volunteer, board, elected, appointed)
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Does any primary insurance policy (home, auto, etc) have reduced limits of liability or eliminate coverage for a specific exposure?
Yes No 

Any insurance coverage declined, cancelled or non-renewed by a previous insurer during the last 5 years?
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Do you own a dog?
Yes No 

If so what breed?

Has any owned dog bitten or been known to have an aggressive behavior history?
Yes No 

Does the applicant own a golf cart or a neighborhood electric motorized vehicle, that is used on public roads?
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Are any household members currently engaging in (or retired from) the following occupations? (Author, Editor, Entertainer, Other Public Figure, Politician, Public Lecturer, Publisher, Reporter, Sports Figure)?
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